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Curriculum vitae

Yury   Favorin   was   born   in   Moscow   on   the   17th   of   December   1986.   Even   at   infancy   he   exhibited   an   extraordinary   ability for   music   (ear   and   memory).   He   was   six   he   knew   Beethoven's   5th   Symphony,   Tchaikovsky's   1th   and   4th   Symphonies distinguished of conductors and performers correctly. At   the   age   of   five   he   began   learning   the   piano   and   recorder.   He   was   eight   when   he   entered   the   Gnesin   Specialized Musical   Primary   School   in   Moscow,   where   he   learned   the   piano   under   Professor   Lidiya   Grigorieva,   the   clarinet   under Professor Ivan Mozgovenko, and the composition under Professor Vladimir Dovgan, a famous russian composer. In    2004    Yury    entered    the    Chaikovsky    Moscow    State    Conservatory    to    study    the    piano    under    Professor    Mikhail Voskresensky.   He   also   studied   the   composition   with   Karen   Khachaturyan   and   chamber   ensemble   with   Alexander Rudin. Yury graduated from the Conservatory summa cum laude in 2009. Currently,    Yury    is    a    postgraduate    student    at    the    Moscow    State Conservatory.   He   has   taken   an   active   part   in   numerous   musical festivals,   such   as   the   Festival   “La   Folle   Journée”   in   Nantes   (France) and    in    Tokyo    (Japan),    “Musique    en    Vallée    du    Tarn”    (France), “L'esprit   du   piano”   in   Bordeaux   (France),   Guangzhou   und   Beijing (China),   International   Festival   of   Saint-Lizier   (France),   the   I.S.   Bach Festival,   the   O.   Messiaen   Festival,   the   “Steinway   Parade”,   Musical Forum   “Magic   of   Piano”   (Belarus),   Festival   “Art   November”,   and   the “Gradus   ad   Parnassum”   Piano   Festival   in   Moscow,   the   “Moscow Forum”   (International   Festival   for   Contemporary   Music),   “Moscow Autumn”, and International Festival-School “TERRITORIYA”. Together    with    composer   Alexey    Sysoev    (electronics)    and    Dmitry Schielkin     (percussion)     Yury     has     built     the     ensemble     of     free improvisatory music “ERROR 404”. Yury   gives   recitals   in   many   countries   —   Germany,   Austria,   Norway,   Hungary,   France,   Italy,   Sweden,   Polen,   Japan, Netherlands,   and   Belgium   among   them   —   achieving   outstanding   success   everywhere.   He   also   gives   charity   concerts for   sick   children   (Moscow),   war   children   (Vienna),   and   the   disabled   (Vienna).   Yury   is   a   member   of   the   "Freundes-   und Förderkreises des Händel-Hauses zu Halle e.V." (Germany). Yury   worked   together   with   Pierre   Boulez,   Marin   Alsop,   Pool   Goodwin,   Tadeusz   Żmijewski,   Arkady   Berin,   Kazuhiro Koizumi,   and   other   leading   conductors.   Marc   Coppey,   Gérard   Caussé,   François   Salque,   Boris   Berezovsky,   David Lively, Alexander Rudin, Alexander Gindin, Marina Drozdova are among his partners on the stage. He   took   part   at   the   masterclasses   with   Dmitri   Bashkirov,   Sergei   Babayan,   Diana   Ketler,   Marios   Papadapoulos,   Paul Badura-Skoda,   Irina   Kataeva,   Stephen   Kovacevich,   Ferenc   Rados,   and   Noel   Flores.   Yury   was   a   participant   of   the International    Summer    Academy    “Praha    —    Vienna    —    Budapest”    (2003),    the    Academy    of    the    Festival    Verbier (Swiеzerland,   2011),   the   International   Holland   Music   Sessions   (TIHMS)   (the   Netherlands,   2011),   the   International Summer Academy in Oxford (2012), and the International Summer Academy Mozarteum in Salzburg (2012). He   gives   concerts   at   the   most   prestigious   concert   halls   –   the   Big,   Small   and   Rakhmaninov's   Halls   of   the   Moscow Conservatory,   the   Tchaikovsky   Concert   Hall   of   the   Moscow   Philarmonic   Society,      Moscow   International   Performing Arts Center   (House   of   Music),   the   House   of   Composers   in   Moscow,   Cite   de   la   musique   (Paris,   France),   Palais   des   beaux arts (Brussels, Belgium), Tokyo International Forum (Japan), Beijing Concert Hall (China), and others. Yury   is   the   winner   of   the   First   Prize   of   the   Gyorgy   Cziffra   Foundation    (Vienna,   2003),   and   is   a   laureate   of   many   Russian and International Competitions: The International Queen Elisabeth Competition  (Piano), Fourth Prize (Brussels, 2010) ●   The   International   Olivier   Messiaen   Competition    (Contemporary   piano),   Fourth   Prize   (“Yvonne   Loriod   Prize”),   and   the Prize for the Young Soloist from the Musical Creativity Foundation (Paris, 2007) ● The Young Composers Competition “Variations on Hungarian Themes”, First Prize (Moscow, 2002) ● The First N. Rubinstein Junior Piano Competition, First Prize (Moscow, 2001) ●   The   Open   International   Competition   of   Piano   Composers   “Nikolai   Rubinstein   and   the   Moscow   Composer   School”   of the “Classical Heritage” Association, Third Prize (First and Second Prizes were not awarded) (Moscow, 1998) ●   The   International   composer’s   Prize   for   children   and   the   youth   named   after Andrey   Petrov   “Crystal   Kamerton” ,   Diplom (Moscow, 1998/1999) He is honoured with a Diploma by the Ministry of Culture in Russia.
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